Initial Blend "tr"
Answer Card

  Phonics 48 

           Phonics 48A Answers:  Bracket the (tr) sound.           
1. (tr)ike              4. (tr)easure
2. (tr)uck 5. (tr)umpet
3. (tr)ay 6. (tr)ack

       Phonics 48B Answers:  Write the beginning sound?       
1. tr                       4. tr
2. tr 5. tr
3. bl 6. fl

         Phonics 48C Answers:  Fill in the missing letters.        
1. tr                        4. bl
2. tr 5. cl
3. tr 6. tr

Suggestions for Additional Activities

1. Pick an initial blend .  Say the sound.  Make new names for your friends by replacing the beginning sound.  Jim can change to Flim, Blim, Clim, Trim, Grim, Crim and Frim.

2  Say a simple word that begins with a blend sound.  Change the initial blend to make a new word.  For instance, "fly" changes to "cry" if you replace "fl" with "cr".