Final Part "ch"
Answer Card

  Phonics 57 

          Phonics 57A Answers:  Bracket the (ch) sound.         
1. in(ch)              4. ri(ch)
2. lun(ch) 5. crun(ch)
3. bun(ch) 6. bran(ch)

         Phonics 57B Answers:  Write the ending sound.          
1. ch                        4. st
2. ch 5. ng
3. ch 6. ch

         Phonics 57C Answers:  Fill in the missing letters.        
1. ch                        4. ch
2. ng 5. ch
3. ch 6. ss

Suggestions for Additional Activities

1. Pick a final part (st, ng, ch, ck, ll).  Say the sound.  Make new names for your friends by replacing the ending sound.  Kim can change to Kist, King, Kich, Kick, Kill.